Our Wedding Day [part IV ceremony/reception]

We were blessed with a beautiful {hot} day and had our ceremony outdoors. And then {for the sake of my mother’s sanity} we had our reception in the community building-it served quite nicely. I just wanted to include a few of the highlights to give you an idea what took place 🙂 Photo credits go to Gingerich Photography.  we had fun being ‘stuffed’ in here while we waited for the guests to arrive.. meanwhile the bridal party was exiting the motorhome and FINALLY ‘almost ready’ to walk down the aisle 😉 there is ‘something’ about this picture that spells __________?  a special time of dedication prayer with our parents..I wanted to do something to symbolize our marriage…but not the ordinary like candles, sand, rings, etc….. so i started searching, and when I came across God’s Knot I just knew this was it! So absolutely perfect for us and how we view our marriage and want to build upon it! we are One! Now for the reception highlights… [thanks to my friend Judith for snapping this photo, i don’t have any of the building..] delicious food…amazing help that prepared it…they sang a few requested songs for us..the lively buncheveryone:) some details around our table … Continue reading

Our Wedding Day [part III bridal party]

This is our bridal party. If I may be partial i think we had the best and most fun bridal party ever..they did an awesome job of just being relaxed, going with the flow, laughing and just have a wonderful time together, we have many special memories with each one of them personally and to see them all come together and blend in making us all one big happy family-or so it seemed! I still laugh at some of the jokes and great moments we had while taking pictures and then when we were eating dinner.. 🙂 Plus our photographer, Brad did an AWESOME job of making us feel relaxed and capturing the moments! So without further ado, our lovely peeps:   the guys…   the girls… our miniature bride and groom…Amy. She’s Dan’s niece. such a sweet lil cutie-pie! Reece. he’s my baby…..i started babysitting him when he was just a wee baby and he’s always had a bit of my heart! my lil man.  Angela & Alayna. my twin nieces and our shy lil flowergirls.. Leah. my matron of honor and my dear sister. When it comes to sisters I really could not ask for a better friend and … Continue reading

Our Wedding Day [part II family]

    The Miller [bride] Family   The Hostetler [groom] Family Now here are some different family shots from the bride’s family: …with bride’s 8 siblings……Bride with her 4 brothers… …my mother & her 5 daughters… …mom&dad and their 9 children, i ges that means they accept Dan into the family:) …with my 11 nieces & nephews (minus 1 who was still well hidden inside Leah at the time:)…with my parents… …my Mom&Dad …me&mom <3 {she is the world’s best mother and I am so blessed to be her daughter&friend! …us with both of our parents.. …us with ALL of our nieces n nephews combined:) maybe someday we’ll have a family that big;) hey! He comes from a family of 13! hehe 🙂  different shots with the groom’s family.. …with his brothers, i realy don’t know WHY I was in this picture?!……groom & his 5 brothers..this is one of the most priceless pictures E.v.e.r. …with his 7 sisters…  …us with all of his 12 siblings…can you imagine the fun&fights growing up in this household?! …with his family {immediate+step siblings only} this was only 5 months after Pop had died… we missed you… …with his niece & nephew… …Dan’s mother… …ugh, i love this picture! mother&son… again, … Continue reading

Our Wedding Day [Part I “us”]

So even though it looks like I posted this long post with our pictures ON our Wedding Day…I obviously did not!! 🙂 But here’s where it all begins, on May 19th, 2012, our very own Beautiful Wedding Day….and this is where our sweet life together begins, and in wanting a blog to document ‘our life together’ ….I thought what would be more perfect than to make my first blogging post on that special day, as a concrete start. All photo credits go to Gingerich Photography. {where it all became history} the handsome groom…waiting on the bride to arrive… suspense was really getting to him n he says these were his most unliked pictures of the whole day 🙂 poor dear 😉 i think he’s just blowing it away with all his handsomeness going on!   I never liked the idea of everyone seeing the Bride in her attire before the wedding starts..neither did I like the idea of waiting alll morning to see my husband-to-be until I was walking down the aisle, but I wanted it to be a special moment of ‘seeing the dress and each other’….and when I first came across the idea of doing a first look, … Continue reading