A Long Sunday /post-surgery

Yep I was hurting pretty bad by this morning! And we agreed that I’ll be taking those pills before bed tonight. 😉 It’s a real chore to get everything accomplished every day. When I’m sitting I can’t move my leg whatsoever without someone else (or me) picking it up and helping it. Getting in and out of bed by myself is not an option. Makes me realize over and over again how very blessed I am to have such a wonderful patient husband! He does a truly amazing job of helping me with every lil thing and I don’t ever hear him complain.

When I went to have surgery done it didn’t even cross my mind that I wouldn’t be able to attend church the following Sunday. Yea, I know, I was really naive about it all! But now I’m wondering how Looong I’ll be stuck at home?! We had a message from Santosh Poonen that we’d wanted to listen to, so that helped our morning pass more quickly.

My dear Hubby cleaned up the house, vacuumed, and washed the dishes. We had high hopes of getting some visitors all afternoon. BUT. No-one showed up, we were kind of really disappointed. Not being able to get out makes one realize how ‘shut-ins’ feel and why we should go visit them. So take it as Lesson #1 Julia, Remember, even if you don’t have anything to offer or wise cheerful things to say. Just go visit those people. Just seeing something other than 4 walls will bring them a smile and break up their time!

Late in the eve, we finally called Hubby’s mom and siblings and they came up for about an hour. But it had been a realy loong day and we were so glad to see night-time. 🙂

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