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I started this blog for 3 reasons which will tell you a lot about me.

#1. Documenting. Important details, Journaling or a diary, Taking note of ‘happenings’ has always been of great importance to me, I don’t know how many journals/tablets/diaries/notes you would find should you dig through my ‘packed-up boxes’, but it would be alot! Ever since I was around the age of 12, I documented things, it wasn’t always consistent, but if someone wanted to know when we had a big day of freezing corn last year(or anything random)-it was probably me they would come to to find out when that was. So my goal here is to document any important things that take place in our life together -however big or small- whether it be personal, about us, and as we begin our family. Through writing and pictures-fun things that I don’t want to forget. I want it to be a treasure chest filled with memories and love recorded to be pulled up at any time. And lessons learned through hard times to see God’s faithfulness. I would like for my children to be able to browse through it and be blessed! Family is so very important to me and I always want to make that a priority, even on here!

 I will also be sharing on our journey of ttc & our involvement in providing Foster care. 

#2. Writing. I mentioned journaling. If I need to process something, the best way I can do so is through writing. I also love talking, so sometimes that works too, but I tend to be a very loyal person, so usually the only way I will spill out what I am going through to you is if I trust you to be honest and true as my friend. I don’t want you to be my friend because you think you should be, I want you to be my friend because you care and want to be my friend. And well, Proverbs 27:6  is what I think of when I know who my friends are. But if it’s a personal thing I have learned that writing is one of my best outlets and a pen n paper is a dear friend indeed, especially if I ‘need to figure it out’.. So I’m not gonna spill my ‘uncensored’ guts on here but I do love writing when I’m processing something. So I may share my deep thoughts and lessons I’m learning; for me to remember it for the future, and to bless you in your journey. So here’s to being vulnerable. 

#3. Photography. I do love taking pictures! In fact my family thinks I get rather overbearing at times. but then it makes me smile when they need a picture taken, who do they ask?! 🙂 Yep, me! I love it! I do in no way consider myself a professional and have never taken any classes or studied it. Occasionally I will google what a certain term means, or I’ll ask one of my photography friends. Basically what I know is what I have seen and heard and experienced with 🙂 That’s what I feel I am doing right now, just experimenting with it and it kinda stuns me how many friends have asked me to shoot pictures for them. I’m always glad to oblige but warn them what a rookie I am! I will probably be posting most of all my pictures…just for fun:)

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