Foto Friday ~ Shania

I have tons and tons of of my goals is to get most of them onto my blog. For my records and for you to see πŸ™‚ So I decided to take a plunge and try to post something “foto-wise” on Fridays… We shall see how it goes.

Leave me your feedback, tips, and criticisms.

Instead of going back into my gallery today, I actually took my niece out into the field across the road of my house. I get so tormented every spring with this amaaazing yellow fields—anyone else want to go play? Β It was a pretty cloudy today, so didn’t get quite get the results I wanted, but the best part? When we were done, Shania says, “That was FUN!”

Shania Brooke Hostetler; 2 1/2 years old just this week!

DSC_0166 shaniaDSC_0138 shania DSC_0148 shaniaDSC_0163 shania DSC_0140 shaniaDSC_0142 shania DSC_0143 shaniaDSC_0189 shania DSC_0170 shaniaDSC_0171 shaniaDSC_0150 shaniaDSC_0151 shania DSC_0156 shaniaDSC_0179 shaniaDSC_0169 shaniaDSC_0190 shaniaDSC_0160 shaniaDSC_0194 shaniaDSC_0176 shaniaDSC_0149 shaniaDSC_0174 shaniaDSC_0196 shania


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