Foto Friday ~ Yoder Family

Last fall I offered to take some family photos for our little church group to use for the calendars I was making… I just loved it! It gave me the opportunity to branch out and practice without feeling pressured to get a perfect shot. And I was pleasantly pleased with the outcomes. Plus we had a beautiful huge yard/field with lots of trees in amazing fall colors, adorned with an old barn right beside a nice pond….Ahh 🙂 picture perfect.

First we had Jesse & Sarah Yoder –I am so blessed to know this sweet family. Sarah is such a wonderful mother and is also blessed with an amazing creativity and shares some of that on her blog. I’ve especially enjoyed getting to know her more in the past year and sharing in our growing walks with the Lord. Their dedication to their kids and doing special things with them sure shows in each of their happy faces. Kendrick always seems to have a lively tail to entertain once the stories get started and it doesn’t take much to get to see his big smile and it’s awesome to pay him a compliment to literally watch his confidence grow. Megan has such a sweet mothering heart–reminds me so much of how I imagine I was as a girl. Alyssa is seriously the most angelic little lady I have ever met, and warms my heart when she comes up and says, Could you hold me Julia? Or, about 2 months past her birthday she randomly tells me that she was sad I didn’t make it to her birthday party. How sweet. Jayden is so full of life, I just love when I can catch him off guard or alone and get to hear him chatter non-stop, cuz when he has the chance he loves to hide behind his mama’s skirt! OH and Jesse…hmm, I’m sure he rounds out their family quite well.. lol. (Let’s just say that he would have some kind of smart remark to give back to me should I read this aloud to him!:) )    And they just announced they are pregnant! I’m so excited for them! Best wishes to your family..

And here they are 🙂

October 2014 447Jesses2014 October 2014 430Jesses2014 October 2014 455Jesses2014 October 2014 546Jesses2014 October 2014 534Jesses2014 October 2014 553Jesses2014 October 2014 549Jesses2014 October 2014 561Jesses2014 October 2014 563Jesses2014 October 2014 559Jesses2014 October 2014 492Jesses2014 October 2014 479Jesses2014 October 2014 466Jesses2014 October 2014 469Jesses2014 October 2014 476Jesses2014 October 2014 471Jesses2014 October 2014 518Jesses2014 October 2014 498Jesses2014 October 2014 449Jesses2014 October 2014 456Jesses2014 October 2014 528Jesses2014 October 2014 543Jesses2014 October 2014 529Jesses2014 October 2014 491Jesses2014 October 2014 517Jesses2014 October 2014 510Jesses2014 October 2014 475Jesses2014 October 2014 464Jesses2014 October 2014 477Jesses2014

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  1. alina says:

    Gorgeous photos, very nice and bright!

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