Maternity ~Micah&Jayne~

So I’m slowly but surely getting caught up with all my ‘winter computer projects’…  My computer gave me a number of scares- I mean seriously: praying-to-God-that-it-somehow-starts-again-and-I-promise-I’ll-backup-my-pictures-ASAP kind of prayer. And He answered. PTL. So now I have a new computer and all my pictures are safely on a passport. During that process I realized just how MANY pictures I truly do have-wow- you would freak out at the number so I will spare you! But I am starting the phase of editing and organizing them [amongst many other things] so I may be posting more of my photo-shoots on here.

{disclaimer: I enjoy taking pictures and constantly learning new things, BUT I do not class myself as a professional photographer -so look at it through the eyes of it being a hobby and I would love your feedback and any kind of tips!}

Last November I had the opportunity to do my second maternity shoot for someone other than family. It was their first pregnancy and all so they were kinda nervous about the whole shoot. But when I saw they brought their guitar with I was so excited!! Plus it really helped to relax everyone and just take our relaxing time to it. They were awesome and so easy to work with- I just loved it! 🙂

Introducing Micah & Jayne King






DSC_0248mic&jaynMaternity2014 DSC_0231mic&jaynMaternity2014






DSC_0274mic&jaynMaternity2014 DSC_0268mic&jaynMaternity2014 DSC_0275mic&jaynMaternity2014

DSC_0335mic&jaynMaternity2014 DSC_0318mic&jaynMaternity2014 DSC_0314mic&jaynMaternity2014 DSC_0277mic&jaynMaternity2014 DSC_0283 editedmic&jaynMaternity2014


gotta do a few of just the cute mommy & belly 🙂 DSC_0368mic&jaynMaternity2014 DSC_0348mic&jaynMaternity2014 DSC_0376mic&jaynMaternity2014 DSC_0303mic&jaynMaternity2014 DSC_0356mic&jaynMaternity2014

DSC_0282mic&jaynMaternity2014 DSC_0264mic&jaynMaternity2014 DSC_0261mic&jaynMaternity2014 DSC_0258mic&jaynMaternity2014 DSC_0259mic&jaynMaternity2014 DSC_0239mic&jaynMaternity2014 DSC_0260mic&jaynMaternity2014

DSC_0285mic&jaynMaternity2014 DSC_0304mic&jaynMaternity2014 DSC_0237mic&jaynMaternity2014 DSC_0262mic&jaynMaternity2014 DSC_0267mic&jaynMaternity2014 DSC_0353mic&jaynMaternity2014

DSC_0371mic&jaynMaternity2014 DSC_0367mic&jaynMaternity2014

DSC_0370mic&jaynMaternity2014 DSC_0378mic&jaynMaternity2014

And I think I’ll end with my all-time favorite 🙂 a lil love from the daddy. <3



Miss Kailani Nicole King, born on December 11, is a blessed lil girl to have you 2 for her parents! Best wishes..

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  1. Marietta Yoder says:

    Absolutely lovely! All of them!

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