Our Wedding Day [Part I “us”]

So even though it looks like I posted this long post with our pictures ON our Wedding Day…I obviously did not!! πŸ™‚ But here’s where it all begins, on May 19th, 2012, our very own Beautiful Wedding Day….and this is where our sweet life together begins, and in wanting a blog to document ‘our life together’ ….I thought what would be more perfect than to make my first blogging post on that special day, as a concrete start.

All photo credits go to Gingerich Photography.

{where it all became history}

the handsome groom…waiting on the bride to arrive… suspense was really getting to him n he says these were his most unliked pictures of the whole day πŸ™‚ poor dear πŸ˜‰ i think he’s just blowing it away with all his handsomeness going on!



I never liked the idea of everyone seeing the Bride in her attire before the wedding starts..neither did I like the idea of waiting alll morning to see my husband-to-be until I was walking down the aisle, but I wanted it to be a special moment of ‘seeing the dress and each other’….and when I first came across the idea of doing a first look, captured with photos, I KNEW that was what I wanted to do on my wedding day, and Dan was all for it too, so we found the perfect spot for it a few weeks before the wedding… and here’s a peek into a lil of the emotion, excitement, adoration, preciousness and love that was going on for Our First Look. We may have shed a few tears..

DanJulia-151 DanJulia-152 DanJulia-153 DanJulia-154 DanJulia-155 DanJulia-157 DanJulia-158 DanJulia-159 DanJulia-162 DanJulia-165 DanJulia-166 DanJulia-168 DanJulia-169 DanJulia-170


And the Bride.. πŸ™‚

DanJulia-204 DanJulia-205 DanJulia-206 DanJulia-209 DanJulia-210 DanJulia-212 DanJulia-224 DanJulia-225 DanJulia-226


and portraits of “us”! πŸ˜‰ our pure joy simply could not be contained………..



this next picture is our favorite ‘perfect one’..


DanJulia-176DanJulia-179DanJulia-177DanJulia-180 DanJulia-182 DanJulia-185 DanJulia-193DanJulia-187 DanJulia-202DanJulia-188 DanJulia-196DanJulia-189 DanJulia-199 DanJulia-200 DanJulia-214DanJulia-216 DanJulia-217DanJulia-227DanJulia-218

a special time of prayer for us before the rest of the pictures and the busy day begins…



I just had to include this one…it perfectly captures how well my dear took care of me, carrying my water and flowers, and also what fun we were having!



our cute miniature couple..


ah hah..this is so frameable! We are JUST MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



our first kiss <3



some of our final favorites..



DanJulia-444 DanJulia-448 DanJulia-449

DanJulia-456 DanJulia-457 DanJulia-460DanJulia-450 DanJulia-451 DanJulia-465DanJulia-466 DanJulia-452 DanJulia-469DanJulia-471

a few especially for our guests..

DanJulia-473 DanJulia-474DanJulia-475 DanJulia-476 DanJulia-477 DanJulia-478DanJulia-479 DanJulia-480DanJulia-116DanJulia-525

such. a. happy. day.

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