Our Wedding Day [part III bridal party]

This is our bridal party. If I may be partial i think we had the best and most fun bridal party ever..they did an awesome job of just being relaxed, going with the flow, laughing and just have a wonderful time together, we have many special memories with each one of them personally and to see them all come together and blend in making us all one big happy family-or so it seemed! I still laugh at some of the jokes and great moments we had while taking pictures and then when we were eating dinner.. 🙂 Plus our photographer, Brad did an AWESOME job of making us feel relaxed and capturing the moments! So without further ado, our lovely peeps:DanJulia-237 DanJulia-238 DanJulia-239 DanJulia-245 DanJulia-255 2012-07-10 Brad's Wedding Photos5DanJulia-305 2012-07-10 Brad's Wedding Photosthe guys…DanJulia-256 DanJulia-257 DanJulia-258 the girls…DanJulia-259 DanJulia-2602012-07-10 Brad's Wedding Photos4our miniature bride and groom…DanJulia-298Amy. She’s Dan’s niece. such a sweet lil cutie-pie!DanJulia-297 DanJulia-301 DanJulia-302Reece. he’s my baby…..i started babysitting him when he was just a wee baby and he’s always had a bit of my heart! my lil man. DanJulia-300 DanJulia-303Angela & Alayna. my twin nieces and our shy lil flowergirls..2012-07-10 Brad's Wedding Photos6

Leah. my matron of honor and my dear sister. When it comes to sisters I really could not ask for a better friend and confident. You have always been there to listen to me (minus the few evenings you drifted off to sleep while I was jabbering), to cheer me on and to show me the way. I always hated when our age let you do something without me because I wanted to do it right along with you, for 1 month we were only 1 number different in age 🙂 I always appreciated you way of handling situations in a level way. Being able to honest in sharing with you is one of the best gifts I was given growing up. Thank-you! xoxoDanJulia-262 Sara. my bridesmaid and a very dear friend. When I think of you I always smile, you have blessed my life with your sweet spirit and caring ways-everyone should have an angelic friend like you. You have touched my life in so many ways, always being there and keeping in touch-over the wedding was no different, you pitched in and helped in so many ways and  were truly a stress-saver! I wish you the absolute best as you continue showering your sweet love upon everyone you meet. loveya.DanJulia-267 Joyce. my bridesmaid and my brother’s sister plus my friend. 🙂 We proly connected alot because of all of our siblings being friends and i wanted her brother. don’tchya know, at our wedding my brother and her started a budding romance, and were married 5 months later! You have always stood out to me as a very sincere, diligent lady, i appreciate how you stand up for what you believe no matter what others think. You are amazing and i’m blessed to be your double sis. DanJulia-263 Judith. my bridesmaid and best friend. Girl, we have been through so much together, God put you into my life when i really needed a true Good friend, you were that and so much more! Thanks for being my partner in crime, encouraging me, praying with me, and even questioning things-which made me dig deeper into who and what we really are. one thing you never ever gave up on even when i did, was that Dan loved me and we were gonna get married one day! yer so sweet and i love you!DanJulia-264 Sandra. my honorary bridesmaid and absolute soulmate. i could write 10 paragraphs or i could simply end with the previous sentence. to go inbetween there may be a tad difficult 🙂 It took us only a few short weeks to discover we were so….. 😉 yep the same! and we absolutely clicked! You blessed my life in a very powerful way, showing a true example of giving it ALL up to God and encouraging me every step of the way. i loved the way we could hash things out and always be there for each other and pick up the other one when needed. And for all the crazy laughs and dreaming we did together-you are simply the BEST girlfriend ever! and i’ll end with our signature *kiss kiss kiss. DanJulia-265 Lori. my maid of honor and lil sister. You wow me, all of a sudden you grew up into this amazing lady. you are truly an inspiration! I treasure the friendship that we have, it seemed like you were always so far behind-6 years- but suddenly you are dating and gonna get married and we will be housewives together-I am looking forward to what all that will do to our relationship.  always keep up the vision and passion to do what is right. loveyou so much!DanJulia-266

2012-07-10 Brad's Wedding Photos3

Owen, brothers and best man.DanJulia-268Charlie-brothers 🙂DanJulia-269Dale. gonna be brothers 🙂 DanJulia-270Tony. what do call guys that are best friends? DanJulia-271Caleb. they have had to become friends beings their wives are soulmates and plus they got married 2 weeks apart. i think they get along very well! 🙂DanJulia-272Dana. cousins. plus Dana is marrying ‘my sister Lori’DanJulia-273Caleb & Sandra, Dana & Lori were considered our honorary Bridal PartyDanJulia-322Calebs. ah we just had to take this picture because 2 weeks ago we were in El Salvador and you guys were the bride&groom and we were in your bridal party. we love you so much and are glad you could come!DanJulia-274Dana & Lori. cant wait till your wedding 😉DanJulia-314Owen & Leah, both of our siblings and they are married and expecting their first lil girl! We were honored to have you as our Best Man and Matron of Honor.DanJulia-316dear kaye. you were such a wonderful help and an awesome personal attendant! You did an absolutely amaazing job of making sure everything went well for me and in taking flawless care of the bridal party!! Thank you soomuch!!!!! plus you are a pretty sweet friend too 😉 loveya.DanJulia-312 and a few other dear shots I just had to take…..DanJulia-310DanJulia-317my dear, dear oldest sister Carolyn. you were a wonderful wedding coordinator!!! seriously, we are so alike it’s scary sometimes. maybe thats why i love you so much, we just ‘get each other’. keep on shining and come visit me often! hugs!DanJulia-311the next 2 are kids that I babysat, truly they are like family to me…so. so. precious. and i love their mommies just exactly like the kids-my life has been so blessed by you’all!DanJulia-306 DanJulia-308

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